Abakrampa Senior High Technical

Gender: Mixed
Housing status: Day & Boarding
Year of Establishment: 1991
Name of Head: Cecilia Adzo Wofesor


To create Community Day Secondary Schools with the intention of admitting the vast majority of students from the catchment region of each individual school.

The educational reforms that took place in 1987 placed a strong emphasis on the importance of imparting vocational and technical skills to students in secondary school.

On January 28, 1991, Abakrampa Secondary/Technical School first welcomed students for the start of the Senior Secondary School programme after opening its doors to the public. The first Headmaster of the school was Mr. K.A. Prah, who came from Adisadel College. The school initially only had a three-person teaching staff, which consisted primarily of graduate instructors who were not professionals but were all members of the national service. These teachers were responsible for teaching mathematics, agricultural science, and general science, in that order.
On the first day of classes, there were 17 boys and 2 girls among the pioneer students who registered for the new school.


The inability to provide sufficient classroom space for the school’s rapidly expanding student body is one of the primary factors contributing to the significant difficulties the Abakrampa Senior High School is currently experiencing. The current five-program pursuit that is being undertaken by the school administration in order to meet satisfaction from its enrolled pupils requires, without a doubt, a rapid development in infrastructure, particularly in terms of the number of classrooms that are available.
The expansion of Beginning in 2006
Since the 2006–2007 school year, the Parent Teacher Association at this school has been diligently striving to offer more classroom space. The very first initiative to be undertaken by the PTA was designated to get the 2006–2007 school year underway.
This is a classroom block with two separate units that is currently in operation. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) started construction on yet another six-classroom block in January 2009, but this time it was constructed as a story block and had washrooms at the lintel level of the bottom floor. The speedy completion of this block, which is urgently needed to accommodate new students for the upcoming academic year 2010-2011, has been slowed down due to a lack of money, which has caused a delay.
The Classroom Building of the MP
Hon. Anthony C. Dadzie, the incumbent Member of Parliament for the AAK constituency, has spent a portion of his Common Fund from the Assembly Development program to construct a three-unit classroom block designed in the style of a pavilion to house new students who were admitted for the 2009/2010 academic year.
Various Forms of Living Quarters
Upon the establishment of Abakrampa Senior High School at its current location, there are only two residential bungalows for the school’s staff: the Headmaster’s Bungalow and the Assistant Headmaster’s Bungalow. STAFF RESIDENTIAL BUNGALOWS are not present.
Rooms and Boarding Houses
The lack of residential accommodation at the school, for either the teaching staff or the students, is a barrier to the school’s ability to provide high-quality education to its pupils. The majority of the students reside in rented rooms, and the majority of those rooms are located either in New Ebu, which is approximately two kilometres away from the school or in Abakrampa township, which is approximately one and a half kilometres away from the school. In point of fact, many kids from the communities around the school walk the greater than three-kilometer route each day to and from school. Because of this, students frequently arrive late to their early morning classes.
Computer room: The 12 or so computers that were purchased for the teaching of ICT and to help students to acquire computing skills break down rather regularly due to the intense demand on their utilisation by students in the many classes that patronage the inadequately spaced computer room. These machines were purchased for the purpose of teaching ICT and enabling students to acquire computing abilities.
Students are able to sit comfortably in the school’s library, which has a warm and calming ambiance, to read novels, articles, and periodicals and to conduct research for assignments. The library is one of the many amenities offered by the school. Since September 2006, the school has seen a significant gain in enrollment, and this trend has continued up to the present day. As a consequence of this, the space available in the library has shrunk significantly, and it is currently being temporarily combined with the computer laboratory. In point of fact, the vast majority of the books now in stock do not correspond to the curriculum prescribed by the MOE, and the same is true of novels that are appropriate for literary works written in the English language.


Abakrampa Senior High School is a member of the Central Regional Schools & Colleges Sports Federation. It belongs to Zone III in the Sports Federation. Hence it takes keen interest in the programmes and competitions that are organized annually. It has to undertake its sporting activities without a playing field until 2007/2008 academic year when it built its own sports field. Since then it has been infused with greater confidence to rub shoulders with sister schools in the Zone iii Division of the Sports Federation

€ No. of Students (SHS 1): 628
€ No. of Students (SHS 2): 546
€ No. of Students (SHS 3): 582
€ EMIS code: 203010001
€ WAEC Code: 0030403

• 2016 – 1st position, Table tennis, and handball games
•2016 – 2nd position, Football, and Athletics
• 2017 – Record holders, Girls’ 200m race


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