T. I Ahmadiyya Senior High School, Potsin

The vision of the school is to instill in its students a reverence for God and the desire to live up to their responsibilities as members of society by providing services that are efficient, dedicated, and committed. This will allow students to realise their full potential.

It is the mission of the school to give an education that is both secular and religious to all citizens of Ghana, with a particular focus on those living in rural communities, so that they may grow morally, physically, and spiritually.

A representation of Islamic culture as well as a symbol of Islamic beliefs and practises have been incorporated into the design of the school crest. It is composed of the sun, the moon, and the tower (also known as a minaret).
The school lives by the maxim “The fear of God and knowledge lead to success,” which can be translated literally as “The fear of God and knowledge lead to success.”

The school is T. I. (Talimul Islam or Teachings of Islam) Ahmadiyya Senior High School, established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in 1972.
It is located at Gomoa Potsin in the Central Region. Potsin is located in between Kasoa and Winneba Junction.
The school is both day and boarding institution with boarding facilities.
The official telephone number of the school is 03321-93122
The school has organized several Speech and Prize Giving Days, and the 37th anniversary was organized on 14th November 2009.
Other events organized in the school include Muslih Maood Day on 20th February, Masih Maood Day on 23rd March, and Khilafat Day on 27th May of every year.

i.) SSCE
The results improved from 78% pass in 1998 to 93% pass in 2004. The best student had an aggregate of 8 in 2004.
Students’ performance in the WASSCE showed a steady improvement over the years. The best aggregate during the period was 9. The best overall student had 4As and 4Bs in 2007.
The school had 100% in 10 subjects out of 28 subjects in 2006.
iii) Regional Games etc
In 2004 the girls were 4th in the Central Regional athletics competition: In the same year, P-AMASS placed 3rd in the National Mile Soccer championship. The school, however, won the National Milo Trophy in 2006. In 2008 the school defended the trophy but won the silver medal.

i) Academic
a) Classrooms – 21
b) Laboratories: The school is currently using a classroom as an improvised laboratory.
c) Library: The school is using an improvised room as a library.
ii. Non-Academic
The school has a sub-standard football field which needs to be brought to an appreciable standard. Though it is the National Milo Boys Soccer champions of 2006 and runners-up in 2008, it cannot boast of any standard football field.


Staff and students alike take part in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom, such as playing sports and games, competing in trivia contests, enjoying entertainment, going on informative field trips, and organizing groups. (for instance, the Mathematics Club of P-AMASS, the Debating Club, the Creative Writers Club, the Reading Club, the Science Club, the General Arts Students Association, and the Ghana National Association of Business Students).

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