Edinaman Senior High

The mission of Edinaman Senior High School is to produce individuals who are well-balanced and self-confident, who are capable of taking on challenges in a world that is constantly changing, and who are able to make the most of every opportunity that is presented to them for the purpose of self-development, with the end goal of becoming the standard of excellence and being ranked among the best students in Ghana.

We strive to achieve this vision whilst pursuing the following:
• Providing what it takes to attain the highest academic standards.
• Developing in each student the capacity through science and technology for quick, reasoned responses to challenges through science and technology with emphasis on ICT.
• Developing in the individual’s awareness of their responsibilities to the community and the broader society through holistic education.

Per Kכ Kan. (Struggle to move forward.)


On January 9, 1978, Edinaman Senior High School opened its doors to students for the first time. The Elmina Castle was where it all began for the organisation. Earlier on, in 1977, the Elmina Development Committee submitted a request to the Central Regional Administration requesting that parts of the Elmina Castle be renovated so that they might be used as a secondary school.
Three individuals, namely Nana Kodwo Eduakwa IV, an educator, Mr. William Plange Botsio, an Estate Officer at the University of Cape Coast, both of blessed memory, and Mr. Benedict Ekow Saiper (formally called B.E. F Sniper), a tutor at the University Practise Secondary School, contributed money to be used as seed money in the process of beginning the school.
The initial group of pupils were chosen for the school based on their performance in a competitive test that included both mathematics and English. Forty-five students from the surrounding area were chosen to become the first pioneers in the area.
The teaching staff consisted of Elmina natives who were now employed in secondary schools in Cape Coast. These Elmina natives were tutors. Mr. B. E. Saiper, who was serving as the acting Headmaster at the time, Mr. Dennis Yorke, Mr. John Eshun Cudjoe, Mr. Kwamena Tenteh, Miss Comfort Otoo, Mr. A. E. Hagan, Mr. W. K. Kassah, Mr. T. K. Tawiah, and Mr. I. K. Nyame were among those there. Mr. J. K. Sam and Mr. K. Amoah were among the others. The typist was a woman named Benedicta Annan.
In spite of the fact that Edinaman Senior High School began its existence as a private institution, the government chose to convert it into a public institution in January of 1978.
Relocation to the Currently Occupied Location
In 1992, the school was moved to its current location on Paul Isert Hill in Pershie. This move was made possible by the late Regional Secretary at the time, Mr. Ato Austin. In addition to the amenities that were already available, a new building with twelve individual units that could be utilised as classrooms was constructed. The Parent Teacher Association was responsible for the construction of a subterranean water reservoir as well as the provision of a water pumping machine.
Over the course of its history, Edinaman Senior High School has undergone a great deal of change. However the most remarkable is the up-grading of the school into a model first class institution by the Government of former President J.A Kuffour in 2007. Several new buildings, including an ultra-modern assembly hall with enough seating for 1200 students, a dining hall, a library, an information and communication technology (ICT) laboratory, tutors’ flats and bungalows, and extra dormitories, have been constructed.
The Edinaman Senior High School is a boarding school. There are currently seven hundred twenty-two (722) students residing in the boarding home. The accommodations for boarders are more than acceptable. There are three dormitory buildings, each with one story, dedicated to the housing of female students. The students have access to a sizable dining hall as well as an assembly hall on campus.

In the field of sports and games, Edinaman Senior High School has chalked some successes For example in 2008/09 academic year the school achieved the following
• 1st position in Basketball (Girls) Zone 1
• Table Tennis champions (Girls) in Zone 1
• Hockey champions (Boys) in Zone 1
• 2nd in athletics (Girls) in Zone 1
• 3rd in athletics (Boys) in Zone 1
• 2nd in volleyball (Girls) in Zone 1
• Hockey (Boys) – Central Regional Champions
In the 2009/10 academic year, the school did not fare badly:
• Champions in soccer (Girls) at the zonal level
• Hockey champions (Boys) –Zone 1
• 2nd in athletics (Girls) – Zone 1
• 3rd in athletics (Boys) – Zone 1
• 3rd in soccer (Girls) – Central region)
• Hockey champions (Boys) – Central region)
Other Areas Of Success
In the Inter District Constitutional Game competition in 2009, the school occupied the 2nd position. Also in 2009, Edinaman Senior High School placed 3rd out of nine schools during the inter Zonals Debate Competition.

Edinaman SHS has two blocks of classrooms having a total number of twenty-four (24). Classrooms, Laboratories.
There is a science laboratory block having three laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Library.
There is a library with a sitting capacity of 500 students.

Edinaman Senior High School has a number of clubs. These include:
Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) Club.
United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Club.
School Cadet.
Drama Troupe.
Red Cross Society.
Debaters and Writers Club.
Read Wide Club.

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