Aburaman Senior High

Gender: Mixed
Housing status: Day & Boarding
Year of Establishment: 1976
Name of Head: Consort Essah-Amoaful


In order for students to succeed in both the intellectual and moral spheres of life, and to contribute to the efficient use of resources,

To strategically utilise and maintain the existing resources in order to safeguard the reputation of the institution


Eminent residents of the Abura Traditional Area were the ones who initially proposed the excellent plan to found Aburaman Senior High School, which would serve as a secondary school for the state of Abura.
The founding fathers had the vision of enlightening the residents of Abura and the surrounding areas about the significance of obtaining a higher education and of meeting the ongoing educational requirements of the middle schools that were located in the area at the time.
As a direct result of this, the residents of Abura Dunkwa built their own school in September 1976 in the space formerly occupied by the local Methodist Church with a total of 18 pupils. As the number of students attending the school increased, the local community constructed bamboo buildings to be used as classrooms. Additionally, the town gave up its Community Centre so that it could be utilised for administrative purposes. The community decided to erect brick dwarf walls in their place of the bamboo classrooms that were located close to the community centre. Since then, the administration building of the school has continued to be located in the community centre.
The new location of the school sits on a plot of land that encompasses 75 acres and is located approximately two kilometres away from the previous location. The majority of this land is currently in the process of being developed. Prior to 1979, when the school became part of the public education system in Abura State, the community of Abura Dunkwa and other concerned people of the state were responsible for covering all of the school’s expenses, including the salaries of the teaching staff.

€ No. of Students (SHS 1): 470
€ No. of Students (SHS 2): 580
€ No. of Students (SHS 3): 613
€ EMIS Code: 203010002
€ WAEC Code: 0030402

Computer lab, Girls’ dormitory,

The school was first in the NHIS competition in 2014

telephone: 0547902506
Location: Abura Dunkwa
Latitude: 5.338061
Longitude: -1.179510
District: Abura/Asebu/ Kwamankese

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