How to Automatically Add WordPress Products in Google Shopping

Do you want to sell your goods on WordPress through Google Shopping?

By adding your online store’s items to Google Shopping, you can get more visitors, meet more customers, and make more money.

In this post, we’ll show you how to add products from WordPress to Google Shopping quickly and easily.

Why Should You Put Products from WordPress on Google Shopping?
Google Shopping is a virtual marketplace like Amazon and Etsy. Users can search for, look at, and compare goods from different online stores that have paid to advertise their products.

If you have a WooCommerce store, adding your goods to Google Shopping can help your business in a big way.

All Google Shopping users will see your goods, which will bring more people to your WordPress site, make you more money, and bring you more customers.

Google Shopping
So, let’s look at how to add items from WordPress to Google Shopping.

How to Add Products from WordPress to Google Shopping
First, make a Google Merchant Account.
You have to make an account in the Google Merchant Center before you can add your goods to Google Shopping. This is where your product information will be saved so that Google Shopping can look at it.

First, go to the page for the Google Merchant Center and click “Sign up for free.”

Create a Google Merchant account.
Google will then ask you questions about your online business.

Just mark the answers that are true for you, and then give the URL of your website.

Give the web address of your online shop.
After you give the information, you’ll be taken to a different page.

Here, all you have to do is click the button that says “Create a Google Merchant Account” at the bottom of the screen.

Click the box that says “Create a Google Merchant Account.”
Now, you’ll be asked to tell us about your business. Start by writing the name of your business.

Next, choose the country where your business is based from the dropdown choice below the ‘Registered Country’ option.

Then, click the button that says “Continue to Merchant Center.”

Provide business information
You’ve set up your Google Merchant Account correctly. Now, all you have to do is give information about your business and shipping.

Once you’ve filled in those information, you can save your settings by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom.

Once a GMC account has been made, give shipping and business information.
Step 2: Linking Your Google AdWords Account: Now, you’ll need to link your Google AdWords account to your Google Merchant Center account so that you can show your goods on Google Shopping.

Go to the Google Merchant Center dashboard and click the gear button at the top of the page to link your account.

When you click it, a ‘Tools and Settings’ window will pop up. Here, all you have to do is pick the “Linked Account” choice.

From the Settings menu, click the Linked Accounts link.
This takes you to the page called “Linked Accounts.”

Now, all you have to do to make a Google Ads account is click the “+” button.

To make a Google Ads account, click the Plus button.
This will bring up a ‘Create Your Google Ads Account’ prompt.

Just pick the time zone and amount you want and click the “Create” button.

Sign up for Google Ads.
Now that you’ve made your Google Ads account, you’re all set.

Once your account has been made, it will look like this.

The GMC account and the Google Ads account are now tied.
Step 3: Add products from WordPress to Google Shopping
We will use the ELEX Google Shopping plugin to show your WooCommerce products in Google Shopping and add your WordPress goods there.

First, you need to get the ELEX Google Shopping app set up and running. Check out our guide on how to install a WordPress app for more help.

After activation, use the WordPress admin panel to go to the Google Shopping Feed » Create Feeds page.

From here, all you have to do is fill in the information about your business and click the “Continue” button at the bottom.

Fill out the Google Shopping Feed page with basic information.
The next page you’ll go to is called “Map Category.” Here, all you have to do is choose the goods categories you want.

Just put the categories of your products into the “Google Categories” tab and click “Continue.”

Choose the type of map
After that, you’ll be taken to the ‘Map Attributes’ page.

Here is where you’ll need to enter information about your product, such as the product ID, the product description, the product link, the price, a picture, and more.

Here, choose and fill out as many qualities as you can to get more exposure on Google Shopping, then click “Continue.”

attribute mapping
Now that you’re on the “Filtering Options” page, you just need to fill in the information that your online store needs.

You could, for example, say how many things you have in stock or how many have already been sold.

Next, click the ‘Generate Feed’ button at the bottom.

Click the button that says Create Feed.
After you’ve made your Google Shopping feed, go to the admin sidebar and click on Google Shopping Feed » Manage Feeds.

You can look at your Google Shopping Feed here. You just need to click the “Download” button next to it now.

Click the “Download” link.
Once you’ve saved your feed as an XML file, go back to the ‘Google Merchant Center’ homepage and click the Products » Feeds link in the sidebar.

This will take you to the ‘Primary Feeds’ page, where you can add a new feed by clicking the ‘+’ button.

To make a feed, click the “+” button.
This will take you to the ‘New Primary Feed’ page, where you can start by putting in basic information. First, add all the places you want to reach.

Next, choose the language you want to use, and then click “Continue.”

Fill in the basics
Then, you need to give your feed a name and choose a way to send your data to the Merchant center.

In this tutorial, we will send the WordPress feed XML.

After that, just click the button that says “Continue.”

Choose a name for the feed and a way to send it.
Now that you’re on the “Setup” page, just type the name you want for your Google Shopping Feed.

Next, add the Feed file that WordPress gave you and click the “Create Feed” button.

Click the Create Feed button after you’ve uploaded a file.
You have now added your items from WordPress to Google Shopping.

How to Add Google Merchant Center Schema to WordPress as a Bonus
You should add a Google Merchant schema to WordPress to make your products more visible in Google Shopping searches and increase sale rates.

Schema markup is a type of HTML code that helps search engines learn more about your goods.

Your search snippets will stand out more with a GMC listing schema, and your products will be shown as popular products for the appropriate search terms.

Using All in One SEO for WordPress is the best way to add a Google Merchant Center listing schema to WordPress.

Over 3 million websites use it because it is the best SEO tool for WordPress.

First, you need to install All in One SEO for WordPress and turn it on. See our guide on how to install a WordPress app for more information.

When the program is turned on, a setting wizard will pop up. Just click the “Get Started” button and you’ll be good to go.

All-in-one SEO package
After that, you need to set up the plugin by following the on-screen directions in the setup wizard. If you need help, check out our guide on how to set up AIOSEO correctly in WordPress.

After installing the AIOSEO plugin, go to the Products » All Products page from the admin menu.

To get to the “Edit Product” page, just click on the “Edit” link next to a product.

Click the link below the product name that says “Edit.”
Once there, scroll down to where it says “AIOSEO Settings” and click on the “Schema” tab.

Now, you have to make sure that the schema type is set to ‘Product’ by default.

If that’s not the case, all you have to do is click the “Generate Schema” button.

To add another model, click the Generate model button.
It will open the Schema Catalog, which has a list of all the schema files that can be used.

To make the Product option your main schema, click the “Add Schema” (+) button next to it.

Note: The ‘Article’ model may already be in place. If so, you can take it down as you add the new one, because Google doesn’t see this page as a story or blog post.

Click the button next to the Product choice that says “Add Schema.”
Then, to add the GMC entry schema, you will need to fill in the product information.

To do that, click the ‘Edit Schema’ button next to the ‘Schema in Use’ choice.

Click the Edit button next to the choice that says “Schema in use.”
This will open the ‘Edit Product’ modal, where you will need to fill in the product information.

If you use WooCommerce, AIOSEO will pull most of the product details from your product information automatically.

But if you want to put in the information by hand, you just need to flip the ‘Autogenerate Fields’ switch to ‘No.’

Set the Autogenerate fields switch to No.
You’ll need to add the name, description, picture, ISBN, price, material, color, shipping information, and more for each product.

We suggest that you give all the information so that the schema markup can make your product snippets more interesting.

When you’re done, just click “Update Schema” or “Add Schema” to save your changes.

Click the button labeled Update Schema.
You have now added the Google Merchant Center listing schema to WordPress. This means that your goods can now be shown on the platform, which should help you make more sales.

We hope that you now know how to add goods from WordPress to Google Shopping. You might also want to check out our best WooCommerce reporting and analytics plugins and our piece on how to speed up your eCommerce website.

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