St. Augustine’s College

Cape Coast, Ghana’s St. Augustine’s College is a boarding school for men only. In 1930, the school opened at Amissano, a community close to Elmina. The Roman Catholic institution was founded with the purpose of functioning as a seminary and training college. The Saint Augustine of Hippo school was named for him (354 – 430 AD). The college’s motto is Omnia Vincit Labour, which translates to “Perseverance conquers all”. There are 11 houses in all at the institution.


The Roman Catholic Church and Cape Coast Vicariate Bishop Monsignor W. T. Porter decided that Cape Coast would be the best place for a separate Roman Catholic school on August 6, 1933. At the current location, a memorial foundation stone was set in late 1935. The first Head Dean or Headmaster was Fr. Maurice B. Kelly, the Dean of the Training College at Amissano, which is now St. Teresa’s Seminary, Amisano.


Known as “AUGUSCO” in the public eye, St. Augustine’s College refers to its former students as “APSUnians” [8].

Owing to their shared Catholic ancestry and historical ties, Holy Child High School, Ghana alumni (HOPSA), and St. Augustine’s alumni (APSUnians) are more likely to get married. The church thinks that Catholic traditions will be continued through marriages between former students of the two institutions.

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