Winneba Senior High


Gender: Mixed

Housing status: Day and Boarding

Telephone:  0244972264

District: Effutu Municipal

Year of Establishment; 1949


To become a world–class second cycle institution that produces graduates with exceptional leadership and innovative abilities to meet the ever-changing and increasing manpower needs of our dear nation.

Harnessing qualified and motivated staff as well as material resources to create equal opportunities for young boys and girls to develop their inherent potential through:-
Self Discipline, Self Awareness, and a Lifelong search for Knowledge and Excellence.

About Winneba Senior High School

Winneba Secondary School was founded in 1949 by
A. J. Dowouna Hammond who was mandated by Dr.
Kwame Nkrumah to establish a secondary school in

i. Name of Institution: Winneba Senior High School
ii. Year of Establishment: 1 9 4 9.
iii. Founders: Mr. A. J. Dowuona–Hammond, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
iv. Location Winneba.
vI. Important School Dates: Speech & Prize Giving Day: 3rd week Saturday in November every year.
Winneba Senior High School is a mixed institution with boarding facilities for boys and girls. A few of the students are Day students as opted for by parents.



  • No. of Students (SHS 1): 541
  • No. of Students (SHS 2): 848
  • No. of Students (SHS 3): 695


  • 43 Classrooms
  • 1 Assembly Hall
  • 1 Administration Block
  • 2 Library Blocks
  • 2 ICT Labs
  • 4 Science Labs


  • N/A


i. Academic Facilities
(a) Classrooms: The school has twenty-seven classrooms built with blocks and cemented floors. Each room has electricity for night prepping.
(b) The school is endowed with science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology where practical lessons are taught.
There is also a Science Resource Centre with laboratories for Physics Chemistry and Biology which serves the school and it satellite school in the neighbourhood. It also serves as a resource centre for all Basic Schools in the Municipality.
The school also has a forty-seater computer laboratory for ICT studies. The old students are currently building an ICT laboratory with full internet connectivity for the school.
(c) Library: The school has a library which is well-stocked with books and journals. However, the size of the library is too small to accommodate a student population of one thousand two hundred (1,200).
ii. Non–academic
(a) Recreational grounds: Winneba Senior High School is lucky to have a football and athletics field which serves the school and the Basic schools as well as the community. In fact the school field has a perfect oval for athletics which even attracts the HPERS department of the University of Education to use it for some of their programmes.
The school also has a basketball field which is not well developed even though the students are very interested in the game. We hope assistance will come from some organizations to develop it.
(b) P. T. A. Clinic: The school has a PTA clinic manned by two experienced qualified nurses and a locum nurse. The clinic has male and female wards furnished with 12 beds each. It also has an out outpatient department.
c. Counselling Programmes
Special counselling programmes dubbed “Home – -Room” are organized every Thursday from 7.55 am. At such programmes, student’s psychological and emotional needs that interfere with academic work are addressed.

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